He is one of the most famous actors on the planet - so if you were walking the streets of Dublin in recent days and thought you saw someone who looked suspiciously like Hugh Jackman, chances are that it was him.

The 'Wolverine' star has been hanging out in the Irish capital - and by the looks of it, in surrounding counties too - in recent days and took to X to share photos from "one of the most beautiful places in all the land", thanking the Irish people for their "hospitality".

It looks like the Aussie actor has been in Glendalough and Powerscourt in Co. Wicklow:

Earlier in the week, he posted a video of himself drinking a pint of Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse, as all famous tourists are legally obliged to do:

He was also spotted downing a pint of the black stuff at an unnamed Dublin pub:

Having recently completed filming of the new 'Deadpool' film, it's not known why Jackman was in Ireland - but he has also been spotted at the FlyeFit gym in Portobello and at the play 'Distillation' at Dublin's Peacock Theatre over the past week.