Hugh Grant has been known in the past for speaking ill about his female co-stars, and it seems that none of them have much time for him either.

When the actor was on Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live' recently, he was shown partial images of six of his past leading ladies, and he didn't seem to have a breeze who Renee Zellweger was, saying; "Who is the one second from the right, because I've never seen her before in my life?"

When told who it was, he said; "Oh Renée!"

Hugh then went on to say that Zellweger was 'not exactly down to earth' and that he would be 'pushing it' to call any of his other female co-stars down to earth.

"They all hate me, I think," he added.

Yeah... ever think who might just be the common denominator there Hugh?