"If you live by the Squidward filter, you die by the Squidward filter."

In case you missed the Hozier video, the Irish musician accidentally began an Instagram stories by using the Handsome Squidward filter. Thinking he had gotten away with it, little did he know that those pesky kids acted quick enough and took screenshots of the glorious moment.

Posting a written reply on his stories, the Bray native wrote: "Hahah [...] Inconsolable Weeping Christ [...] That Handsome Squidward content was just for the boys [...] Pray for me. Thank you"

Does he look more like Jesus or Russell Brand? Take a look at the photo and make your own decision.

Hoping that nobody saw it - but realising that he hadn't gotten away with it - another Hozier video was uploaded. This time however, he made sure the filter was well and truly turned off.

Talking about how mortified he was after the upload, he says that he is "still in bits" from the mishap. Here's his hilarious video response.

We've all been there Hozier, the difference is that we don't have 1.6 million followers.