With Autumn already upon us, and Winter closing in fast, it's time to put those light cardigans and skinny hoodies back in storage and break out the heavy gear.

One problem, all your winter gear is from last year and you need something to freshen up your look, but don't want to drop a huge chunk of change on an entire new wardrobe. That's where H&M's new Modern Essentials come into play.

The new range, which launches today, gives you the chance to add a couple of key items to your look, that won't break the bank, and will fit into a number of styles.

David Beckham has selected all of the items in the range himself, hence that hilarious video with Kevin Hart, so you know they're going to look good, but we thought we'd have a run through some of them anyway, to give you an idea of what pieces you can easily incorporate into a few of your looks, as well as keeping you well-wrapped up for Winter.

First we'll start with the beige sweatshirt(€19.99). Arguably one of the "younger" pieces in the range, this is a multi-purpose item. Whether you wear a t-shirt underneath for the layered look, or go minimalist with none, it'll work as a top layer for any casual setting. Whether it's a night out, a stroll around town, or just laying about the house, it's a simple, classic look.

Next up we have the navy sweater, with the beige horizontal stripes(€19.99). At this point you're probably wondering why all the beige, well it's winter so you want rid of your bright colours, and the contrast beige provides against dark tones is perfect, and isn't as jarring as white on black.

A lot of the same applies to this as the sweatshirt but, to us at least, it comes across as slightly more mature. The thickness, the darker coulour, the knit, it's a modern adaption of some our granda's would wear, and we're all over it. The high neck ensures that it doesn't matter what, if anything, you wear underneath, as it's not going to be seen. Throw it on with a pair of jeans and you may not set the world alight, but you'll have a vintage fashion that'll fit in anywhere.

Of course, the best thing about winter fashion is the fact we get to wear half of our wardrobe at once, so as great as that sweater and sweatshirt work on their own, they'll easily fit into any of the jackets in the Autumn/Winter line. Take this peacoat(€79.99) for example, sure it'll go well with a shirt underneath(like above), but layer it up with one of the two jumpers from above and they'll blend in seamlessly. Match it up with a herringbone flat cap for that vintage style, and you'll be set for whatever the weather throws your way.

There's no point in saying anything otherwise, this overcoat(€119.99)  is by far our favourite from the collection. It's definitely our Christmas coat, but we'll be treating ourselves to it now. Throw a white shirt underneath like above and your set with minimal effort, or throw one of those jumpers underneath the deeper we get into the season. Again, that's the important thing to remember with this collection, everything is capable of going under or over something, so it's not just stylish, it's practical.

As part of the launch we're running a competition with H&M to give you a chance to win a €50 voucher, so if you fancy knocking a big chunk off your final bill, just head over to here and enter.