Familiarise yourself with who's hosting the party; at least then you can feign interest if accosted by said host for an autograph. It's the polite thing to do. This minor detail eluded Alex Turner when he crashed Sharleen Spiteri's 40th birthday in London's Bungalow 8 with a number of friends. Why crash someone's birthday they didn't know? Because there was a free bar. According to The Mirror, "Poor Sharleen looked absolutely mortified. She had plucked up the courage to go over to him for an autograph. She told him she was the lead singer in a band and was a massive fan of the Monkeys. She said she had been making music since before he was born. Alex just shrugged and Sharleen kept saying how much of a massive fan she was." After lowering himself to scrawl his name, his friends then informed him who she was. You see, this is what's wrong with younger folk nowadays - in my day an upstart like that would've been turfed out of said party for having the gumption to wander in uninvited. Instead his ignorance was pandered to by someone who paved the way for him. True, Texas were never a musical phenomenon but lets not split hairs. Bottom line is, there's just no respect anymore *shakes walking aid*