We've got a short time on this Earth, int he grand scheme of things, so how much of that time do we actually get to ourselves, to do with what we want?

Well according to the Maths, it's not a whole lot, as we have to spend a lot of our time doing things that we probably aren't all that pleased about. From going to school to being strapped to the desk at work, a lot of out of our daily tend to slip away from us. A fairly decent chunk even goes down the toilet, literally, according to this infographic at least, which points out the rather short amount of time that we actually get to spend doing something that we love.


Via DalePartridge.com

While nine years sounds like a pretty long time, in the grand scheme of things it's not a huge amount, so we'd better make sure we spend that time wisely. That's it, we're quitting and going off to travel the world! Now, if only we had any money to do that with...

Via Dale Partridge