Arnold Schwarzenegger has released a new video on his Youtube channel in which he goes undercover as a used car salesman to prank customers.

Now we love Arnie to bits but these ads and promos he's doing are getting a bit silly now.

In his latest vid, the Governator is promoting electric cars in partnership with Veloz.

He disguises himself as salesman Howard Kleiner, and highlights the benefits of going electric – by trying to sell the opposite. It's a hilariously terrible disguise and Arnold makes no effort whatsoever to hide his distinct accent and voice.

While the first couple in the vid laugh and seem to recognise the Hollywood superstar, everyone else seems genuinely confused.

Cheesy as it is, it's good fun and you gotta love it when he uses lines like "Now listen to me very carefully."

He tops it off with the words: "Come with me if you want a lift!"