Yesterday we brought you the earth shattering news that Cheryl Cole's mam has reportedly washed her hands of her daughter's love life, and today we bring you the story of how Ashley is apparently stepping up Campaign 'How I'm going to creep my way back into my ex-wife's life after (allegedly) cheating on her lots and lots.'

The Sun brings us the story that the footballer is planning on buying Chezza a new puppy, just like her other two, Buster and Coco. He's already been on to a dog breeder to organise getting his mitts on a six-week-old Chihuahua and will give it to her on her 28th birthday (which is on 30th June, if you fancy sending a few cards/reality checks her way). Then he hopes to whisk her away to a secret location and ask her to take him back, and according to close pals he's convinced that she'll say yes.

"Ashley has wanted to get her another pup for some time, but the moment hasn't been right till now. He now knows he's well in and has called a breeder. He also wants Cheryl to go away with him in total privacy so he can convince her they've a future as a couple. He expects her to agree."

She's nowt better to be doing with her time these days anyway, now that she's 'unemployed'. How shocked will we all be in fairness if she does get back with him? Oh, what's that? You don't really care? But this is a very pressing matter people, let's set up a Facebook page to encourage Cheryl to say 'NO' to Ashley *launches into Facebook campaign*

Ah, I'm only kidding.... I'll Tweet her instead.

Alicia Coyle.