This all sounds very familiar, if only we had a cautionary example as to why this was a bad thing...

The days of huge asking prices for houses in the nation's capital are not too far in the past, but it seems that they're on the rise again, and by a staggering amount. 

Just a few months ago we saw that rental figures were on the up and up, but new figures from show that house prices in Dublin have risen 25% in the last year, which is several percent higher than London in the same period (21%). However, it's not just in the capital where prices are on the rise, as it seems that it has been a trend that is happening nationwide. 

The average asking price across the country is now €195,000, compared to €170,000 a year ago and €380,000 at the peak of the boom, while other counties like Wicklow and Kildare saw a growth of similarly high numbers, 20.4% and 19% respectively. 

It doesn't look like growth will stop there either, as house buyers are expecting at least another 12% increase in the coming months in Dublin, while the rest of the nation can probably expect something closer to 6%. There are plenty of stand out facts from the findings, which have been put together by the guys at Daft in this handy infographic. 

Haven't we seen this somewhere before...?