*Cue Ghostbusters theme song*

Unless you're a member of the Addams family, you probably wouldn't want to buy a house that comes along with a poltergeist but that's what one lucky tenant in Liverpool has to look forward to now.

The property in question was listed on estate agents Rightmove's website and described as having "two singles and one double bedroom, rear yard, upstairs bathroom and two living rooms" but also had the small disclaimer to note that "previous tenants have advised us that they have experienced paranormal activity at the property".

What kind of activity you ask? Oh just your usual throwing-you-out-of-our-bed-in-your-sleep nonsense.

According to locals, the 'Pickwick Poltergeist' as he's known, has been around for over 130 years, and doesn't just stick to the one house but has made appearances up and down Pickwick Street.

'Local paranormal expert' Tom Slemen told the Liverpool Echo: "A landlady connected to the letting of Number 69, a Mrs Euphemia Nimlock, was also lifted out of her bed by the same violent spirit and, and another neighbour Ismael Jones (Number 70) was under the impression the house was going to collapse because of the vibrations."

Meanwhile the group that owns the property explained the disclaimer saying:

"Plus Dane received reports of unusual activity at this property in 2008 and worked with the tenant involved to look at ways in which we could help. We don’t get involved directly in instances such as this but we work to help, advise and support tenants if they are experiencing these issues and we take them very seriously. As part of our approach of being open and honest, we wanted to make anyone interested in this property aware of these past reports."

Which translates to "Look, if anything happens, we bloody well warned you".

Via Liverpool Echo