Max George and Michelle Keegan have called off their engagement. Which is wise. What with him attempting to crack The States 'n all.

The Wanted singer confirmed he and the Coronation Street actress - who got engaged in June 2011 after a whirlwind romance - are no longer engaged, although a spokesperson for Michelle insists they are still in a relationship.

When questioned on US radio station KIIS-FM by presenters Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K, on if he is engaged, Max replied: "No, no, no, not anymore" before the telephone interview abruptly ended.

Ryan and Ellen admitted to listeners they were unsure if they had been deliberately cut off or if the connection had dropped out. When Max, 23, eventually did come back on the line Ryan asked if he was enjoying the, eh, benefits of being in a boy band, to which he replied: "Absolutely." Sound.

The station's twitter feed also posted: "BREAKING: @MaxTheWanted from @thewantedmusic is not engaged anymore! (sic)"

A spokesperson for Michelle told Digital Spy: "Michelle and Max are still very much together as a couple, but they are both traditionalists and realised that there is no point in being engaged until they are in a position to plan a wedding."

Really? My cousin was engaged for about 6 years before she got married. In fact, being engaged is probably the best part. You get to trot about with a diamond on your mitt with the rose tinted prospect of marriage on the horizon. If someone was mad enough to ask me to marry them, I'd want to stay engaged for at least a decade.