Thank GAWD Jennifer was kind enough to whip the pins out - they were the only saving grace on the red carpet of Horrible Bosses 2 last night.

First, to the questionable hair. Chris Pine, please tell us that it's for a role. PLEASE. It reminds me of a greasy-haired fellah I wore the face off in Wesley back in 1997... *shudders*

Secondly, the jumpsuits. Multiple jumpsuits. A red carpet never needs multiple jump suits. If we had to choose one - like "gun to the head" had to choose one, it would have to be the floral one worn by yer wan off Episodes. That white yoke Bella Thorne's in is like a giant stiletto

As for The Cox/McDaid sandwich - they actually look like they're off to grab a sandwich... Listen, I know you're all "settled" and "comfortable", but c'mon lads, you're at a premiere and  we know it wasn't baltic outside because it was on in LA. 

P.S. Yes that's herself from Sister Sister.