Okay, hold the phone, shut the front door and get out of TOWN, is that Kevin G from 2004's Mean Girls? Why yes, yes it is. Turns out, his mathlete rapping days are well behind him (though that actually kind of saddens us because that rap was classss) and he's now a bit of a ride.

Who'd ever have thought the gawky teenager who said 'I'd rather see you up there shakin' that thang' would make such a transformation?

He's also shedded the laughably oversized velour tracksuits, which in general would always be a good thing.

It's just like that time when the whole world collectively copped on to Neville Longbottom of Harry Potter fame's swan-like transformation. And for this day-making news, we have the kind folk at The Huffington Post (and my brother who's long been a follower of anything Kevin G related) to thank for bringing this to our attention.

The actor, otherwise known as Rajiv Surendra wanted to tell us all that Kevin Gnapoor was (sadly) no more, sharing these professional photos taken by Charles Quiles.

And now, along with these nice photos, we'd also like to transport you back to that wonderful mathlete rap.