Gird your loins people, Lindsay Lohan has finished her three-month stint in rehab and is already back on the scene.

The troubled actress was spotted sporting a huge smile as she climbed into a vehicle to depart the Cliffside drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Malibu, California (which looks more like a hotel than a rehab if we're being honest), yesterday afternoon following her 90-day court-ordered spell.

Sources close to the 27-year-old actress - who has battled alcohol and drug abuse in the past - told TMZ the flame-haired beauty will stay with a sober coach in Los Angeles for the next few days before she enters the real world again, and will head straight back to work on Monday when she hosts an episode of chat show 'Chelsea Lately', taking over presenting duties from Chelsea Handler.

The 'Canyons' star's mother Dina Lohan recently confirmed her daughter will be moving to New York City when she leaves rehab, rather than return to live with her at the family home in Long Island, New York, which we can all agree is probably the best idea Lindsay has ever had.

Dina said: 'Lindsay is 27, my kids all have their own places. She's not going to move back home. She'll be getting an apartment in New York. She'll be in New York. It's great because [her sister Ali] is in New York with Wilhelmina models [Dina name dropping like a mofo, never one to let brand Lohan be forgotten]. [My son] Michael is in New York. My other little guy [Dakota] is 17 and he's still at home and going to St. Anthony's. The rest may come home to mom, but they don't want to live with me.'

Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days treatment for substance abuse issues after pleading no contest to charges for lying to police about driving during a car crash last June.