You know you're getting older when all the celebrities you followed as teenagers are getting married and having babies.

Lauren Conrad engaged. News to me, reports this morning reveal how Lauren was completely taken off guard with her beau William Tell's proposal. And apparently that counts as news. Kelly Rowland is 'so happy' with her engagement to her boyfriend and manager Tim Witherspoon. And then we had last week's report that Cher Lloyd (barely out of infancy) had tied the knot with her young boyfriend also. What's up with everyone settling down?

Today there's the news that Holly Valance, y'know the one who had all the boys stuck in a permanent state of prepubescent arousal with her Kiss Kiss video, has just given birth to a baby girl. This is Holly and her husband Nick Candy's first child together.

As per The Daily Telegraph, Candy spilled the beans at a recent charity ball: "She was born a few days ago... We have decided to call her Luka Violet Toni Candy... Her nickname will be LuLu, but, obviously, if she ever goes into business, LuLu Candy just doesn't quite work. My father's nickname was always TC."