Anyone's who worked in retail will tell you that it is, broadly speaking, complete and utter hell.

While the majority of people tend to be perfectly fine and reasonable, there's that maybe 5% who making working in retail an utter nightmare - and it's only with the distance of time that you can laugh about it.

So it goes with comedy writer / producer @fairycakes, and her collection of stories from her time working in HMV. Again, it's key to point out that working in retail is the f*cking worst, but it does come with these kind of war stories that you only laugh about in retrospect.

Take a look.

While the thread ends on that Simon Cowell story, by far that's the one that is the best of the lot and is just (chef's kiss fingers). Not only that, the 'Candyman' DVD story is also excellent and is exactly the kind of hilarity / insanity you'd expect from a retail job.

Let it never be said that working in retail isn't interesting. It absolutely is, and it's the nutjobs the other side of the counter who make it so.