The bank holiday weekend is a time when those who are lucky enough to have a few days off like to plan a trip and hit the road for a few days, be it for a break or to see family and friends around the country. 

While those journeys always start out with good intentions, it seems that the majority of us have found that we argue in the car, and for a number of different reasons. New research from the AA here in Ireland shows that over 90% of people say that they have fought inside the family vehicle, and they've come up with this infographic based on their research that highlights the 9 main reasons we argue. 

The results showed that only 7.78% of people said they never argue in the car, while for the rest of us (who were telling the truth) the most likely reason for a fight is to do with getting lost or needing directions when we're on the road. 

To plan a happy, fight-free journey, then all you need to do is be a great driver and not make any mistakes, all agree on the same music, and not get lost. Sure that's easy...