If you will, try and remember the worst Christmas present you've ever received. Be it that awfully coloured blouse you gave into the charity shop, the picture frame that was clearly bought second-hand, or that re-gifted present you know was pulled out from the bottom of the wardrobe - we all have a bad present story.

However, all of us would probably have been in our adult lives when we received these presents. Unfortunately for the little boy in the video below, all he wanted was something Minecraft-related.

Fast-forward to him unwrapping his gift - something he's undoubtedly hoping is Minecraft related - and ending up getting a book from one of the world's most evil men. His grandfather bought a book entitled 'Mein Kampf', the autobiographical manifesto by Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler.

We'd love to know what was going through his grandfather's head when he was buying this book.