So, Paris Hilton got herself arrested again over the weekend. It's the third time this summer. Take that, Lindsay Lohan.

You might recall she was questioned during the World Cup when "one of her friends" brought in a joint to a match. Two weeks later, she was arrested when cannabis was found in her handbag while in Corsica.

Now she's upgraded herself to cocaine. According to The Sun: "Telly's ditzy hotel heiress was in her boyfriend's car when cops stopped the couple, claiming to have seen marijuana fumes billowing from the swanky black Cadillac. The blonde, 29, is said to have been reaching for her lip balm in Las Vegas when the bag of coke fell out. She and new lover Cy Waits, 34, were arrested over the drugs".

Her lawyer's defence? "This purse in question was a high street brand - and by no means up to her high fashion standards. Paris is hoping authorities will see sense and let her off the hook."

In which case, her "new lover Cy Waits, 34" has had a liaison with some store brand advocating hussy with a drug problem. For shame *dramatically swoons across office*.

Not to worry, Paris, at least you can rest easy knowing this is your prettiest mug shot to date. Tip your hairdresser.