As you might recall, there was a hell of a lot of talk about Hillary Clinton's emails in the run-up to the election in 2016.

That was largely because it was revealed that the former First Lady and then-Secretary of State had used her own private (and non-secure) email account to conduct official government business - something that Trump's camp continued to hammer home as evidence of her alleged unprofessionalism, and which she believes cost her the election.

The man who made this revelation was former FBI boss James Comey, who very publicly re-opened his investigation just before the election... but the below tweet just goes to show that if you bide your time and wait patiently, karma will come through.

It was reported yesterday that Comey himself had used his Gmail account to do the exact same thing - and Clinton's response was to throw shade of gargantuan proportions...


Incidentally, Comey will be in Dublin next Friday for a public interview and to sign copies of his new book at the IFI... the same day, coincidentally, that Clinton will be in Dublin to receive an honorary degree from Trinity College.

Showdown at... let's say... 5pm, College Green, lads?