When it comes to marketing a movie, it would appear that anything pant-related is the way forward. By way of example; it's not Ben Kingsley or John Cusack's performances that are oiling 'War Inc's' PR wheel - instead, it's the contents of Hilary Duff's scanties. For those who don't read this page religiously (shame on you! *cracks whip, proffers boot*), Hilary appears in the film as a saucy pop star who enjoys sticking invertebrates down her knickerss. And you'll never guess what - she actually stuffed one down there for real! The actress said: "It was so scary. I grew up in Texas, and we had plenty of scorpions, but I never had to put one down my pants before. And my pants weren't that baggy, so I couldn't get any space. I did it a couple times with it going down my leg and it was terrifying. The little thing kept doing backbends because it obviously didn't want to go in my pants, you know? Everyone on the set was cheering!" Well, isn't that the main thing... If you thought this was the highlight of Hilary's performance, you'd be wrong.  Screenwriter Jeremy Pikser said: "We wrote a scene where 'Yonica Babyyeah' gives a blow job to a gas nozzle, and when we got Hilary to do this movie, we thought, 'Well, we've got to rewrite that'. But she did it!" OK, Hilary, you're not 'Lizzy McGuire', we get it - now please stop putting your orifices at risk - what will the child actresses of the future have left to do?!