"I think I ammmmm *grins*. No, really, I've got an award for my hot manliness, and everything. I mean, look at you here. Not so hot as this, am I right?! We look so damn similar but I'm just rockin' it more, you know. OK, so you're busting out the swarthiness in this one, and I respect that, but I'm still hotter cause, you know, I'm younger, taller, I have the award and, ohhhh, your woman! Si, my name is Andres Velencoso Segura. I am a supermodel. Prepare to SWOON!" *sambas up red carpet*

Kylie's does appear to be dating a hotter, younger version of her ex, Olivier Martinez, as pointed out by several sources today. They've been skiing. It must be serious. Here is what he had to say regarding love 'n stuff in a recent magazine article: "I run away from commitment but love is unpredictable. If the woman of my life shows up she will be welcome. But I hope she arrives late so I don't lose the freedom to move from here to there. I'm indecisive and fussy. I can't stand people touching my things. Living with me is not easy. At least, that's what my ex-girlfriend says. I love kids but now is not the moment. Imagine if they're at school and they get asked 'What does your daddy do?' They would have to say 'model'. I can't see it. But when the time comes I hope to be in another business... I would like to believe in monogamy because that's how I was brought up. It's difficult for people to be faithful. We live in a world that has changed a lot. However, I do still believe in marriage, in being faithful and in raising a family... I like all women. But I tell you I like mature women, who have their heads on their shoulders, who know what they want. Of course, intelligent, kind and with a big heart. I'm mostly attracted to Latin women, elegant, fine, with style."

Latin women, eh? Doesn't like people touching off his things, eeeh? Says he believes in commitment and kiddies, just not right now, eeeeehhhhhhhhhhHHHHH?! Kylie, it sounds like he's a finicky vision who might just be using you for press exposure. Enjoy the view while it lasts.