Wearing underwear in bed could have a negative effect on your health according to experts. 

By wearing underwear while we sleep we're leaving ourselves vulnerable to a series of nasty health conditions including bacterial and yeast infections. 

American gynaecologist Dr Alyssa Dweck said that: “I tell my patients to sleep without underwear. If the area is constantly covered, especially by fabric that’s not moisture wicking or absorbent, then moisture collects, creating the perfect breeding ground for yeast.”

Dr Shirley McQuade from the Dublin’s Well Woman Centre concurs, citing that: “Wearing underwear to bed can cause problems for women in that the temperature is increased and the circulation is low which can allow for bacteria and yeast to thrive causing problems."

It's not just women who need to be careful though. Men also could be at risk of fertility problems from wearing underwear to bed. 

“There’s a reason why the scrotum is outside of the body and it is because temperature affects sperm count. By wearing boxers to bed, the temperature is often increased, which decreases sperm count and in that way impacts fertility."

Via The Independent