It's been reported that, as and from next week, Twitter will move from a real-time feed to an algorithmic feed like Facebook.

What does that mean in English? Basically, instead of seeing everything as it happens, Twitter will change its feed to show you what it thinks you should. For example, there's a distinct possibility that you won't read this on our Facebook page because, well, the algorithm decides what you see and don't see based on a range of factors.

The move by Twitter from real-time to algorithm is seen as a way of making the social media platform more streamlined and less chaotic, however the move has been broadly rejected by most of the userbase. Many believe that this is the end of Twitter as we know it, hence the #RIPTwitter hashtag which has been trending all day.



Despite the huge reaction online, Twitter appear to be pressing ahead with the update. Sources at Twitter say the change will be opt-in for users and that early testing has proved popular with users.

MySpace introduced an algorithmic feed, which effectively ended the social media platform once and for all whilst Facebook has been using a similar process for many years with varied results.

What do you think? Should Twitter stay as it is or do you think a curated version of it is better? Let us know in the comments and vote in our poll!