We run the odd 'Like & Share' competition here on Facebook, as do many media outlets in Ireland and across the globe.

However, a car dealership in Galway decided to get in on the action and offer a brand new Audi A3 Cabriolet to whoever liked and shared the competition post.

As you can expect, there was a huge response to it because, hey, who doesn't like a free car?

Sure enough, a winner was announced - one May Lydon. Now, normally in these instances, the page will directly link to the winner in question or reply to their entry on the Facebook thread.

That wasn't the case here as the page simply announced May Lydon. However, people did a little digging and found that there was a May Lydon - who had just up a Facebook profile after the winner was announced.

Yes, it's sort of like that episode of Father Ted when they rig the raffle so they win it themselves.

The page was allegedly set up by her son, David, and the dealership has since claimed that he and May will be in tomorrow to collect the car.

All the posts relating to the competition have since been deleted, although it's left quite a few people fuming.


Via Facebook