You might have cleared your internet search history, but Google still knows what you were looking at.

Most of us use Google on a daily basis to search for information, find out what's going on, and, as it turns out, a lot of us wanna know what love is, we want Google to show us.

Well, at least according to Google's statistics, which they released this week on what we've been searching for as a nation this past year. From the top trending stories and people to the biggest movies of the year and the odd recipe, there's plenty of diversity in what we've been looking for online. 

Top trending news stories

We were obsessed with the World Cup this year (which the stats from Facebook showed too), but we were also talking a lot about Garth Brooks, which was something that our Google searches had in common with our tweets. There were also plenty of people worried about their recycling and wanting to know what the story was with the celebrity photo hack. 

1 World Cup 2014
2 Garth Brooks
3 Celebrity photo hack
4 Michael Schumacher
5 Robin Williams
6 Ebola
7 Oscar Pistorius
8 Greyhound Recycling dispute
9 Malaysia Airlines
10 Madeleine McCann

Biggest movies

Further proof, if needed, that 2014 belonged to Frozen. We just can't let it go...

1 Frozen
2 Divergent
3 American Hustle
4 Dallas Buyers Club
5 Interstellar
6 Harry Potter
7 22 Jump Street
8 The Lego Movie
9 Lone Survivor
10 Transformers 4

Most searched musicians

We imagine that this is the only chart where Garth Brooks appears ahead of One Direction, but then again they actually played their gigs in Croker...

1 Garth Brooks
2 One Direction
3 Justin Bieber
4 Ariana Grande
5 Miley Cyrus
6 Niall Horan
7 Cheryl Cole
8 Ed Sheeran
9 Beyonce
10 Hozier

Sports personalities

Roy Keane won't be happy that he's in the relegation zone on this table, that's just not good enough, has to put more effort in.

1 Michael Schumacher
2 Conor McGregor
3 Oscar Pistorius
4 Rory McIlroy
5 Lionel Messi
6 Cristiano Ronaldo
7 Luis Suarez
8 Neymar
9 David Moyes
10 Roy Keane

What is...?

Some of us were confused by a few things that happened this year, and from ALS to Instagram, we wanted to know what the story was. We're not sure if the second one is about the song or a general question. 

1 What is ALS
2 What is love
3 What is snapchat
4 What is iban
5 What is illuminati
6 What is gluten
7 What is spooning
8 What is ICT
9 What is Instagram
10 What is Java

Top trending people

Once again, 2014 was all about Garth.

1 Kim Kardashian
2 Kate Middleton
3 Garth Brooks
4 Peaches Geldof
5 Jennifer Lawrence
6 Robin Williams
7 Justin Bieber
8 Ariana Grande
9 Oscar Pistorius
10 Miley Cyrus

How to...?

One of the most popular things that people look up on Google is 'how to...' do something or other, and this is possibly where we really come in to our own. What is it that we're not getting taught in school that we need to turn to an internet search engine to explain? Well, shifting, of course. Also it looks like we're trying to get some inner peace by meditation and/or knitting. 

1 How to draw
2 How to shift
3 How to kiss
4 How to contour
5 How to crochet
6 How to knit
7 How to screenshot
8 How to meditate
9 How to hack
10 How to squat


We also turn to Google when we don't have a good cookbook handy, and these are the things we were trying to make. Surprisingly little mention of a recipe for a hangover cure...

1 Pancake
2 Cupcake
3 Chicken curry
4 Chocolate cake
5 Scones
6 Cheesecake
7 Rocky road
8 Sponge cake
9 Lasagne
10 Hummus

Lads, we're eating a lot of sweets there. Why isn't anyone searching for a recipe for some good old-fashioned stew? 

Via The Journal, Breaking News