She terrified the life out of us a few years ago, but it turns out that she's grown up to be a real human person who doesn't live down a well. 

Daveigh Chase was blessed with the ability to look incredibly creepy, so much so that we only just got the image above out of our minds last week, and now it's lodged back in there for another few years. 

Anyway, it landed Chase the role in The Ring where she terrified us all, and while she got some voice acting work in Spirited Away and Lilo & Stitch, we haven't seen much of her recently. That was until her Instagram account was discovered by someone who'd clearly just seen The Ring and wanted to find out what the spooky ghost girl looked like now. The answer is not ghostly at all. 

The passage of time continues to be fascinating to us all. What surprises hast thou in store for us next, universe?

Via Uproxx