Face blenders, or face averagers, unusually freak us out.

There's usually something so alien about them and how they work that, very often, they don't look terribly human or recognisable at all. However, an average of Irish women's faces isn't the case.

We genuinely think we know her from somewhere. Did she go to St. Wolstan's in Celbridge, maybe? It's hard to know.

The website faceresearch.org, which specialises in this kind of stuff, pulled a selection of Irish women's faces from social media and blended them together. We're not exactly sure how many faces they used to arrive at this particular one, but it's creepy how familiar she looks.

There's a reasonably good chance someone reading this shifted her in 5th Year at the local under-age disco.

Here's the rest of the nationality's faces to compare against.


Via Faceresearch.org