In case you managed to sleep through it all, there was a serious storm last night with high winds and heavy rain that has caused a bit of damage. 

The ESB are on the case today as approximately 6,500 homes and businesses were hit with power outages as a result of some seriously stormy weather over night. There were incredibly high winds, which got up to speeds of between 100-104.5km/h, while Met Éireann also issued a warning that gales would reach as high as force 10 too. DART services were affected for a period this morning, but all seems to be back to normal now. 

While there wasn't extensive damage done, the satellite images and rainfall radar images make for some impressive viewing, as they highlight the intensity of the weather. 

Met Eireann's radar image also showed the storm as it passed over the country early this morning, headed eastwards. 

The lightning was also still hitting off the west coast this morning.

While we woke up this morning to sunny conditions in some parts, it seems that there may be some more bad weather to come, as "scattered heavy showers" are on the way, affecting the northwest, west and southwest counties in particular while Ulster runs the risk of seeing some thundery showers, with the heavy rain spreading across the country and hitting the east tonight. 

Via Met Eireann, ESB