Last week, pictures of The Rock from the 1990s started trending, and one in particular was the King of the Internet, at least for a short period of time. 

It was the most '90s picture ever, and featured the Dwayne in some questionable garb including a dodgy necklace and a 'fanny pack', as they call it over in the US.


As we might have expected, Dwayne was all smiles and laughs about the photo, and even gave people a guide on how best to pull off the look. However, thanks to the fantastic photoshop work of one Todd Spence from, The ‘90s Rock has also come roaring into this week via the medium of movie posters, and the work done is frankly amazing.

Trawling through his back catalogue, Spence has found a few of the best movies that Johnson appeared in and replaced his character in the poster with his ‘90s persona, bum-bag and all.

What else can we get ‘90s Rock in to? We don’t know, but we do know that we can’t stop at just this.

Via Unilad mag, Todd Spence and