We all now that we can get a lot healthier very quickly by making a few small changes to our diet, and it turns out that the exact opposite is also true. 

In order to demonstrate just how drastic and how quick the transformation takes effect, George Prior committed to spending 30 days drinking 10 Cokes a day. 

The reason for this gesture was to not only to point out that soda and fizzy drinks are, in general, pretty bad for you, but also to point out that while you might not be having ten Cokes a day, but you could still be getting a similar amount of sugar without realising it. On his blog, he states that "every weight loss diet should avoid sugary drinks including fruit juices. If you have diabetes type 2, this is very important to understand: Fruit is not your friend. Are you eating the sugar of 10 Cokes a day without even drinking ten Cokes a day?"

As it turns out, many Americans are, and they end up drinking their sugars rather than eating them, which is something most people won't even think about when trying to re-examine their diet, seeing as they're not eating the sugar in food. Prior completed the challenge, and the results are astounding for all the wrong reasons. 

Via 10Cokesaday

In total he gained 23 pounds (just over 10 kilos), his bodyfat increased from 9% to 16%, and he looks fairly unhealthy. He also complained that he lost his appetite and that his energy levels were badly affected by the whole thing. Obviously, the transformation is incredibly dramatic given the amount of sugar that he added to his diet, but he stated that he's dropped a few pounds since getting back on the bandwagon and is beginning to feel normal again. 

Via BroBible. Main pic via 10 Cokes a Day