Jed, a lurcher who is with the Dogs Trust in Darlington is looking for a home, and has had very little success so far. 

He's been with the charity for most of his life, and despite having been briefly homed twice, he's come back to the Trust each time, as the families he went to weren't ready to give him the amount of activity and exercise that he needs. 

According to ITV News, they estimate that he's been overlooked by about 17,000 potential homes, and at seven years old now, they're concerned that his chances of getting a forever home might be on the wane. 

Jed has been at the Dogs Trust since he was just a few months old as a puppy, and on of his carers Rebecca McKeown, told Good Morning Britain, "He is absolutely gorgeous, so we can't understand why he hasn't found a home yet. He is quite a large dog as well, which can put people off, but...he is very cuddly and cute". 

They're hoping that the latest run of publicity might be able to find Jed a suitable place to stay and live out the rest of his years happily, although we're sure they'd be sad to see him leave after all this time too. 

Via/Pics via ITV News