Here she is everybody, the new Lindsay Lohan, and it has to be said she's looking pretty damn good. Lohan stepped out yesterday with, who I presume is her personal trainer, for a work out in LA. A TMZ video- pap (there he is there) was on hand to follow her from her car to the gym. He proceeded to pay a very smiley Lohan compliments and then brought up the whole living situation. Yesterday, we mentioned that she had apparently moved into a house next to her ex, Sam Ronson, in California. TMZ now claims that neither Lindsay, nor her team (who you would presume would carry out checks on who lives where) had any notion that Sam lived, literally, right next door.

So, when LiLo was asked if she and Sam were going to have a few parties and some good times, Lindsay merely chuckled and said "No". A surprising response, as the old Lindsay would have told the pap to F*** off. The actress seemed to give the paparazzi the time of day and didn't get annoyed they were racing round her. It wasn't long until she was indoors though, with the guy from TMZ shouting the following: "Work on your glutes guurrl, you look guud." I bet that will certainly spur her on to be a better person now.

-Alicia Coyle