Here are 100 people on Twitter that you need to follow, at least according to the latest power rankings. 

PR agency Wilson Hartnell have been hard at work crunching numbers and today they released their #Power100 of Twitter users here in Ireland. The list includes some of the most influential figures in Irish life, and obviously a load of people that you need to be following, if you aren't already. 

Top of the list was celebrity economist David McWilliams, who's long been one of the most recognisable faces and voices in Ireland thanks to his insights on the boom and crisis, while radio presenter Matt Cooper came in second. 

The rest of the top ten included (in descending order) the account for the website, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, Harry McGee, Shane Ross TD, Fionnan Sheahan, David McCullagh, David Cochrane and Oireachtas News. You can check out the full 100 over on Wilson Hartnell's site

In order to produce the list, they took an initial group of 250 accounts deemed to be “influential” and then checked which accounts followed each other within the group. Then, the number of "power followers" and "public followers" were weighted up to make the final ranks, while, to use some football parlance, the top, top players in the list had to have "combined both broad public reach and influence on other influencers". 

Via Wilson Hartnell