Sticking to a healthy diet is too complicated for most of us. 

There's so many meals to think about, bad carbs vs good carbs, how and when we should exercise, and that's just the start of it.

Thankfully, the good people over at PopSugar have used this new thing called "science" to make it all a bit easier for us, with a little cheat sheet of the best times to do just about everything we need to stay healthy.

We won't lie, we could make you read an entire article that underlines the intricacies of why you should do all of these things at certain points of the day, but literally everything is in the morning. Seriously, just take two hours off work, get your shit together, and you'll be healthy as f*ck!

Best time to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Get your breakfast down you within an hour of waking up, then wait four hour and a half hours before lunch. There's no set time for dinner, but don't leave it long enough so that you get hungry in between and eat crap, and no less than three hours before bed. You don't nod off with a stomach full of undigested food.

Best time to weigh yourself
In the morning as your weight can fluctuate up by 3 pounds in during the day due to food and water intake. If the morning doesn't suit, just make sure you weight yourself at the same time everyday.

Best time of the day to go grocery shopping
You've guessed it, it's in the morning because you've a fulls stomach, and blood sugars aren't low. This should ensure you don't stock up on the crap with the bright colours and chocolate inside.

Best time of the day to work out
Yep, in the morning. It speeds up your metabolism for the rest of the day, so you're burning more calories for no extra hassle than getting out of the bed a bit earlier.

Best time to boost your metabolism
This is getting a bit old now. The morning. An easy way to do it is drink a cold glass of water.

Best time to cheat on a diet
Look, it's the final one, and it's the same as the last five. It does make sense though, seeing as it gives you more time to burn them off throughout the day.

Sucks if you're not a morning person though.

Via PopSugar