Have you ever noticed that your WiFi signal tends to be significantly worse depending on where you're sitting in your home? Well that's not just your imagination, as this video demonstrates where and how you get terrible coverage and how to avoid it.

According to Mashable, who went into thorough detail on the science behind WiFi (it's all electromagnetism and a lot of maths), there are two key facts to know about wireless internet that will help you get the best coverage from it. 

The first is that the signal travels better though open air than solid objects, so for every wall and item of furniture between you and your router you're knocking down the signal and the best place you can be is within looking distance of it in the same room, which is not ideal. Secondly, there are areas where the electromagnetic waves that carry the signal overlap and cancel each other out, resulting in a poor signal (the black areas in the video below), so even mere centimeters can make a difference between a good or bad connection.

The takeaway from all this? Be in the same room as your router and move around a bit to get the best signal, and if you have to put the router somewhere consider what's going to be between you and it.

Thanks science, for proving what we already thought.

Via Mashable