When the apocalypse happens and we're battling murderous legions of dead-faced killer robots, intent on purifying Earth of humanity, we'll look back on this video and cry / laugh at our folly.

Boston Dynamics - who really are going to be the Cyberdyne Systems of the eventual robot war - released a video showcasing SpotMini, the robot dog, dancing to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's uber-hit, 'Uptown Funk'. To be fair to SpotMini, it's got the rhythm and the moves down and it's even able to do the 'running man' movement in perfect time.

Its clasp even opens to sing along with Mars' lyrics, although no voice comes from the clasp as its pitch-perfect movements belie a ruthless, unfeeling machine that cannot and will not stop until us puny meatbags are over.

Take a look.