Don't know about you, but saving money consistently can seem like a fairly mammoth task at times. The rainy day fund gets eaten into on a monthy basis because, eh, it was a rainy day.

Now while we are by no means financial gurus who can advise you what to do with your mula, we did stumble across this savings trick, that apparently is fairly easy to do.

It's called 'The 52 Week Money Challenge', whereby each week you put aside the number for the week you are on. So for example, week one - €1, week 2 - €2 all the ways up to week 52, and by the end of it, you will have the tidy sum of €1,378!

The chart below explains it well (using dollars but ignore that).

 It might involve some purse tightening near the end of the year, so depending on how flush you are feeling at the moment, you may want to flip it and start saving €52 this week, working your way down to €1.

Or if this type of money is simply chump change to you, you could double or triple it.

We shall also accept whatever interest rate you see fit for proposing this random idea to you.

Via The Social Chameleons