While it was billed as the biggest fight of the century, it failed to live up to the hype in the ring, but that didn't have an effect on just how much money this fight made.

Given the level of anticipation ahead of the meeting between these two fighters, it was being predicted that MayPac was going to make a pretty big sum of money for both the fighters and the TV stations involved. Pay-per-view for the fight was up around the $100 mark in the States, and it wasn't cheap over here either, but that didn't put a lot of people off, as the figures that were released today show. 

According to SB Nation, that's more than the military budgets of India, Japan and Germany and more than the GDP of seven different countries. In other words, that's a lot of money. 

Speaking of loads of money, the lads themselves won't be too hard up for cash, as they also made what a shedload of cash, which is the technical term. Ask an accountant, they'll tell you.

We should have taken up being an elite sportsperson, but it's too late now of course. Pass the chips, so...

Via SB Nation