'Tis officially the season now, so it's likely that there's someone in you proximity humming a Christmas tune, and it may well be '12 Days of Christmas'. 

We all know it buy now, it's a song that recounts some rich lad buying a load of stuff at Christmas for his love, and frankly it comes across as a bit over the top and desperate, but maybe that's just us angry at the fact that we can't afford any of those gifts, and you won't get a pear tree at this time of year for love nor money. 

Anyway, the folks at PNC Wealth Management have released their 31st annual Christmas Price Index, and in it they detail the cost of all of the gifts from the well-known carol, which ain't cheap. 

In fact, if you were to get all the things in the list, you'd have to fork over $27,673 (€22,213), and many of the items have increased in price since last year, making this year's total about $300 higher. If you were hoping to fish around for a bargain online however, you'd be disappointed as the cost of a set of the gifts would rise to $42,959 (€34,486) up a whopping 8% from last year. Then again, we haven't come across too many online French hen dealers. 

If you were feeling very extravagant, and fancied buying all the items each time they were mentioned in the song (364 times) then you'd need a whopping $116,273. If you have that spare at Christmas, then we should be friends, so contact us in the comments and we can hang out or whatever. Here's what each of the gifts would set you back, if you feel that the total is a bit out of your price range this year. Turns out there's been a serious increase in the price of geese lately...

— Partridge: $20

— Pear tree: $188

— Two turtle doves: $125

— Three French hens: $1815

— Four calling birds (canaries): $600

— Five gold rings: $750

— Six geese-a-laying: $360 (up a whopping $150 since last year)

— Seven swans a-swimming: $7,000

— Eight maids a-milking: $58

— Nine ladies dancing (per performance): $7,553

— 10 lords a-leaping (per performance): $5,348

— 11 pipers piping (per performance): $2,635

— 12 drummers drumming (per performance): $2,855

Via Yahoo News. Main pic via Bertuz/Flickr