Advance warning, reading this may result in you questioning your career choices and life decisions. 

Working at one of the fancy new tech companies that seem to be taking over the world has its advantages, from free smoothies on tap to massages and golf course on the roof (Google in London, apparently) and it seems that the wage packet is also pretty decent too. 

Research from Emolument that looked at data from 46,000 survey participants in the UK showed that salaries across the board were better in the likes of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn than they were in the hardware firms that manufacture a lot of technological gadgets, as well as many other professions. 

For example, Hewlett-Packard pays employees at the junior level about £30,000 (€41,427), while LinkedIn would pay someone in the same junior bracket the only ever so slightly higher rate of £60,000 (€82,855). 

While LinkedIn had the highest salary on offer, they were closely followed by Amazon £55,000 (€75,950), Microsoft £51,000 (€70,427), Facebook £49,500 (€68,355) and Google £48,000 (€66,284). 

The reason that LinkedIn seem to be offering a heck of a lot more money than even the other companies in the field could be to do with their image, suggests Thomas Drewry, CEO of Emolument: "As well as attracting customers, brand image plays a significant role when it comes to recruiting the kind of talent that will keep pushing technology companies forward". 

So, where's our CV gone...ah, lovely, here it is. Does using Google every day make us an "expert", do you reckon?

Via The Independent