Back in my day...

Yeah well it's a new day, forget your courting, your dates, you're talking to people, or even giving them your name. Them days are well past us, according to this Mashable article, which says that thanks to online dating apps, people in their 20's can have sex within 10 messages of introducing themselves.

That seems a little implausible to us, we'd also like to point out that it's probably just as much to do with the the increasing promiscuity and slackening sexual morality of today's youth than it is just Tinder's fault, although that's almost definitely helping today's millennials get their end's away.

A study from May in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour showed an increase of 10% from the 1980's to 2010 when it came to people willing to have sex with people on a casual date, and we can only assume that number is probably slightly higher now.

Statistic Brain claims that 59% of people between 20-26 have sent a sexts, while 64% have received them, while 36% of women in that age bracket have posted nude/semi-nude content online, and 31% of men have done the same.

Chris Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn, has described the modern hook-up landscape as “psychosexual obesity." Speaking to Vanity Fair he claimed that the “unlimited access to sex partners” is a rival to the obesity crises many first world countries face.

“The appetite has always been there, but it had restricted availability; with new technologies the restrictions are being stripped away and we see people sort of going crazy with it. I think the same thing is happening with this unlimited access to sex partners. People are gorging.”

Via Mashable