A new survey has revealed when it is acceptable to fart in front of your partner. 

Relationships are tricky enough to maintain without the pressure of strategical wind passing, yet for the majority of people, a significant amount of time needs to pass before they're comfortable passing wind in front of their significant others. 

Mic asked 125 people in their 20s and 30s when is it ok to start farting in front of your other half. The largest portion of people (29%) said that it would take between two to six months of a relationship before they'd be ready to cross that threshold. However the second largest (25.2%) said it would be between and six months and a year. 

This fits in line with a Match.com survey that says people usually wait until the five or six month mark spoiling it all and saying something stupid like 'I love you'. Surely you'd need to say 'I love you' before sharing farts with each other? Or is a fart a statement of true intimacy in itself that words aren't even necessary? Let us know in the comments. 

Via Uproxx