How effective is your birth control method? Good question, please consult the chart below for all the information you'll need.

There are loads of different types of contraception, and some are more effective than others, but by how much? For instance, it might be interesting to know that ahem..."withdrawal" is only 2% less effective than a condom at preventing pregnancy.

Now, we know that's not all there is to consider when it comes to keeping an eye on your sexual habits, there's also the risk of disease and your general sexual health and so on, but still, we would have guessed the difference between those two figures would be a lot higher. Anyway, here's a graph from Find the Best that lays it out plain and simple, and allows you to compare and contrast the different options.


Contraceptives With the Lowest Rates of Effectiveness | FindTheBest

It should be noted that there is only one method that has a 100% record when it comes to birth control and disease prevention, and that is abstinence. 60% of the time it works, every time.

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