There weren’t any major mess-ups like last year’s Best Picture gaffe at this year’s Oscars ceremony, and there weren’t any major surprises among the winners.

Still, this year’s Academy Awards had its fair share of touching and funny moments, including Frances McDormand’s rousing speech and Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster poking fun at Meryl Streep.

Here are some of the moments you might have missed at the Oscars.

Jennifer Lawrence climbs over the seats carrying a glass of wine

JLaw has earned a bit of a rep for falling down but you can be damn sure that she won’t let that happen if she has a drink in hand.

Speaking of drinking, Helen Mirren taking a shot of tequila on the red carpet

And she still looks the image of class.


Tiffany Haddish hops over the red carpet rope to meet Meryl Streep

The Girls Trip actress managed to pitch a sequel to her hit comedy to the multiple Oscar winner in the space of a few seconds.


Oscar winner signs her acceptance speech for six-year-old star

Rachel Shenton, who won the Oscar for Live Action Short for The Silent Child, which is about a deaf girl, signed her acceptance speech as she promised the film’s young star, Maisie Sly, she would.


West Side Story star Rita Moreno rocks the stage

In 1962, Rita Moreno was named best supporting actress for her role as Anita in West Side Story. She wore the same dress from the 1962 awards, 56 years later, at the age of 86, and made a fabulous entrance.



Edgar Wright has a sense of humour about director mix-up

Edgar Wright took to Twitter to remark that he, the director of Baby Driver, is not Joe Wright, the director of Darkest Hour.


Guillermo del Toro double checks the Best Picture envelope

After The Shape of Water was announced the winner of Best Picture at the Oscars, director Guillermo del Toro double checked the envelope Warren Beatty handed him, given last year’s envelope mix-up.