Now that we're in March, it's safe to say you've either hit your stride with your New Year's resolution or you've given up entirely on the enterprise.

Don't worry, you're DEFINITELY not alone. According to this infographic, a whopping 49% said that they weren't even close to reaching their resolution, with a paltry 8% claiming they had success. Liars.

As for who resolved to do what, 38% said they were wanted a healthier lifestyle and to cut down on foods and weight, whilst 34% said they wanted to save more money and advance their career.

The biggest category, however, was self-improvement. 47% said they wanted to either quit smoking, cut down on drinking, take up a new hobby or do more travelling.

75% of respondents said their resolution lasted just one week, with only 46% making it to six months with their resolution.

Here's the infographic in full. Have a piece of chocolate and take a drink while you read it.


Via Reader's Edge