Today saw the first National Crisps Championships held with voting for some of the best crisps in Ireland battling it out for supremacy.

The competition, which took place on Twitter from early this afternoon, saw a variety of crisps - 28 in total - taking part in open voting from Group stages right down to the finals.

Tayto Salt & Vinegar and Bacon Flavor Fries went down to sudden death in Group G, with Bacon Flavor Fries eventually winning in a shootout scenario.

Skips, which had a sizeable fanbase, was beaten by King Cheese & Onion in Group B, but made a much stronger showing in the Group Runner-Up Playoffs, but eventually lost to third-place winners Meanies.

Meanwhile, the semi-finals saw Monster Munch battle Burger Bites, whilst Tayto Cheese & Onion squared off against Hula Hoops. Burger Bites, which was a runaway success in the Group stages, was finally brought to a halt when faced against the Monster Munch, who won with a convincing margin.

Tayto Cheese & Onion against Hula Hoops, however, was much a more bitterly-fought match with Tayto Cheese & Onion scraping in a win over Hula Hoops with just 20% of the vote.

The scene was set for a Monster Munch / Tayto Cheese & Onion final, and after 145 votes cast, Tayto Cheese & Onion emerged triumphant.

Although Tayto's victory was assured, many questioned why Monster Munch made it into the finals at all.




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