Ah, the Old Moore's Alamanac.

It's frequently wrong and almost always becomes the butt of a joke, but sometimes, it can be creepily accurate. Last year, it predicted that grape shortages would lead to an impact on wine - which is true as prosecco is apparently on the way out. It also predicted that we'd have record heat in Ireland - which we did - and that Miley Cyrus would enter the world of softcore porn. Which, in fairness, happen already.

Anyhoo, this time around, there's a good few twists and turns. Here's just some of the predictions for 2016 according to Old Moore's Almanac:


Housing markets will fall across the board - HOORAY!

Australia will enter a recession, Irish people will come home - that's happening already, seemingly

2016 will be the year of ethical hacking - which sounds like a misnomer, really

Asteroid mining will become big news in 2016, so to will investment in NASA

Two high-profile plane crashes will take place in 2016, one will have staff involvement

An unmanned self-driving ship will cross the ocean

The term “great snows” or “big snows” will be in the media

A massive sea-life kill will create shockwaves as acres of dead sea-life wash up on shore

The rate of cancer in China caused by pollution will skyrocket - no surprises there, really

Lab-grown organs will become a reality - again, we're pretty sure that's happened already

Russia will see a terrorist act on its soil

Mayo will win the Sam Maguire whilst Galway will bring home the Liam McCarthy

There will be an attempt on Barack Obama's life

A new global currency that can be used everywhere on earth will be proposed. Countries will mull over having two currencies, their own and the global currency. It will be called something like the ‘Worldar’. The global currency will be able to be used on phones or other devices - again, that's already happening with Bitcoin, right?

Greece will be in financial trouble again - WHAT A TWIST

Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton and Beyonce Knowles will have babies this year whilst George Clooney's marriage will hit a rough patch

Working jetpacks will become a thing - AT LONG LAST

Terrorist attacks against Muslim institutions will rise

Ryanair will enter into new markets away from flights. After a few hiccups at the start, it will be another business success - COME ON, TRANSATLANTIC FLIGHTS, COME ON

Michael O’Leary will consider writing a book about how being the nice guy is good business practice, even if it was an act to start with

There will be more upset about school admissions unfairness in relation to religion

We will get "amazing news" from Jupiter, of all places

Mobile Internet will eclipse computer Internet - again, that's happening already

Doctors will announce that we have the technology to have a baby in a lab rather than in a womb

Generation Z will rise, they have phones but no computers, and they don’t want one - again, that's happening already

Ireland's general election will make global headlines, probably for all the wrong reasons


We'll be checking back in a year's time to see if any of this happened, but in the meantime, here's our piece from last year on the 2015 Almanac to compare with.