Old Moore's Almanac employ a team of soothsayers who, at the end of the year, turn their attention to the events of the 12 months to come and predict everything that's going to happen. 

Last year, they had plenty of success as they predicted a whole heap of things that came true, like Pluto making headlines, the Scots would say no to independence, Brian and Amy would have another child, and that the weather in the US would go a bit weird, so they were fairly on the ball. 

That's why we think we should be paying attention to their predictions for 2015, which are wide-ranging from the eerily specific to the flat out bizarre, which are listed below. We'll see you all back here in a year's time to check out how many they got right.

Michael O’Leary in the news, he’s getting even nicer!

Irish band the Cranberries in the news

Ian Paisley information comes out

It is the year of space news and discovery. Space, space space! We will soon be an inter-planetary species, and the subject gets its own section in the newspaper

Snakes in the news (Get these mother f***ing snakes off my mother f***ing news)

There will be talk of 3 or 4 international currencies for the world, roughly divided by continents

Halle Berry marriage in jeopardy

Ann Hathaway baby. Paris Hilton or Nicky Hilton or both have a baby. A pregnancy for Nicole Scherzinger. Pregnancy for Rosanna Davison

2016 will be a bad year for the stock markets, so be ready in 2015. (Money under our mattress already)

Oceans hotting up

World birth rate falling

An animal pandemic causes havoc 

Electronic wallet in the news

No more walk-in banks

Zsa Zsa Gabor to pass over

Grape shortages put wines in danger (If this happens, we quit. We quit everything)

Water stories in the news

Terrorists attack a mall leading to all malls being considered easy targets and security is reassessed.

Another baby for Kimye, although Kanye West’s mental health will decline. He will be ill for several years. Kim will divorce him and marry again quickly 

Betty White will pass (Ah here...)

A cyber bank-heist, the first of its kind

Big natural disaster for Taiwan

Price of farmland goes sky-high

George and Amal…marriage in jeopardy

Abortion in Ireland in the news, again

Cocoa in the news all year (we are running low, apparently)

Big plane story (that's a bit vague now lads, even for us)

An exciting dinosaur discovery (Jurassic World doesn't count, apparently)

Big waves in Europe, a whopper typhoon in Asia

Large iceberg breaks from sheet, global awareness of climate change rises

Australia’s government kills the country’s finances

An emergency for the International Space Station

Putin has a tantrum

Car theft stats up in Ireland

Obama tempted by a pretty lady. Obama’s daughter has a naughty boyfriend

Hugh Heffner in the news

More crazy news from North Korea (The lovable old North Koreans up to their old tricks again, wha?)

Amy and Brian consider moving abroad (Nooooooo!)

Snakes in Ireland! (Where's St. Patrick when you need him?)

Discussion about advertising on the moon! (Entertainment.ie is delighted to announce our sponsorship deal with the moon...)

A royal death for 2015

More exploration of the moon for mining potential

Record heatwaves everywhere. Waves, everywhere. Waves will be in the news all year.

Irish birth rate in the news

A drama for the Aran Islands (sure did they not see An Brontanas?)

Where’s Fungi? He’s in the news

Euro zone has debt crisis (again)

Meat prices become very high, it is now a luxury food

Property prices in Ireland will have a serious wobble (hopefully our rent goes down)

World Feminisation of men in the news. Complaints that we live in a feminine age. Decline of heterosexual marriage numbers. Homosexual marriage numbers up.

More sickness for the Pope. Next Pope will be known as the "dark Pope" (sounds very Star Wars to us, lads)

Miley Cyrus enters the world of soft porn (It might be too late...)

Brangelina marriage in jeopardy—another child likely though

A new method of transport

Flooding around Cork 

Skiing in Ireland?

Meteor impact in the sea

Joan Collins’ life hangs in the balance

India rises…their economy becomes a powerhouse

While these are just a few of the things that they believe 2015 has in store, you'll have to get your hands on the almanac itself to get the full lot of them, which will be hitting shelves soon enough and celebrating its 251st year in existence. That's a fair aul stretch now.

Main pic via Czarcarter/Flickr