Last weekend, a whole heap of celebs were dressed up to the nines to mark the Halloween season. For the night itself, they outdid themselves.

Look we're not going to lie. Of course celebs have the best Halloween costumes. It helps when you've tonnes of money to splash on them. But let's not be cynical here because the creativity is impressive.

Kim Kardashian went 'Legally Blonde' and even recreated Elle Woods' Harvard video essay.

Cardi B, who dressed up as a nurse last weekend, channelled Poison Ivy.

Ciara dressed up as fellow music idol Beyonce.

Shakira was a cat.

Kyle Jenner looked incredible as Marilyn Monroe.

And Christiano Ronaldo had great craic as a clown on the shoulders of another clown.

Meanwhile Rose McGowan paid homage to Mia Farrow in 'Rosemary's Baby'.

And then there was Heidi Klum, whose Halloween costumes are absolute goals. She is the Queen of the season.

Here are some other costumes we loved.